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About Brandy...

Current Role:  Business Development Manager, American Medical Response


Hobbies: I love tacos, being at the lake, traveling, kayaking, skiing, and most anything outdoors.


Why did you chose UWR? To help those in crisis navigate the process of finding help, create events to bring the community together, and help spread awareness that those who take care of us need help too. 

Brandy Tarala

Gregory Johnson Bio Pic

Gregory Johnson

About Gregory...

Current Role:  Sr. Electrical Engineer, Avista

Hobbies: Tackling and solving the most unique challenges be it a crazy home construction project, community need or business adventure.  I also enjoy a variety of outdoor recreation activities including extreme sports. 

Why did you chose UWR? I believe it is vitally important that we help those who help us.  When an emergency arises we can rest assured that help is on the way with just a phone call.  It is our obligation to support those who risk their lives for us. 

Tyler Bio Pix.png

About Tyler...

Current Role:  EMT, American Medical Response


Hobbies: I enjoy working out, golfing, coaching and spending time with family.


Why did you chose UWR? I want to help those suffering from PTSD and the effects of the job, and work to find resources to help and let them know that they are not in this alone.

Tyler Pfeffer

Leslie Bio Pix.png

About Leslie...

Current Role:  Director of Business Development, Love In Home Senior Care


Hobbies: Singing, music, spending time with family and the great outdoors.


Why did you chose UWR?  After learning about UWR and it's mission, the realization that our rescuers needed rescuing, was a real revelation for me.  I want to help raise awareness for others who do not understand the need as well.  

Leslie Luedtke

Abby Bio Pix.jpg

Abby Shirey


About Abby...

Current Role:  Regional Account Specialist, TruCare Connect


Hobbies:  Playing piano, and going on adventures with my husband.


Why did you chose UWR?  I have been in a first responder family my whole life.  I feel the passion behind the organization and want to be a part of the change.  I want to be there for whoever may be in crisis or just needs to talk. 

Sean Bio Pix.png

Sean Coen

About Sean...

Current Role:  Community Liaison, Inland NW Behavioral Health


Hobbies: Golfing, skiing and running


Why did you chose UWR?  The passion that Brandy had for United We Rescue and it's mission.

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Jim Akramoff

About Jim...

Current Role:  EMS Instructor, Providence Health Training


Hobbies: Running, Swimming, Hiking, Family, Travel, Disney


Why did you chose UWR?  My personal experience with post traumatic stress over my last 28 years of EMS.  I have personal struggles, and have lost 3 former coworkers partners that have committed suicide, losing their battle with their demons.  I am sick of the stigma around Mental Health especially with First Responders.

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